• Thank you Kerstin xx you connected straight away and it was a clear honest reading! loved talking to you! Sonya xxx
  • Thank you to Kirsten for the fabulous reading and for her help and encouragement. A lovely lady, and her reading really clarified some things for me. I’ve spoken to her twice now, and no doubt will be back for a third. xx
  • Kerstin delivers in a very calming, reassuring manner and has helped me to empower myself with my own intuition. A very gracious lady who uses her gift to help others gain clarity and a sense of direction. Thanks again, Kerstin. … very happy … :)
  • Thank you Kerstin on the ball, thank you. … Highly recommend you. Love and light JJ x
  • Very down to earth with no “false hope”.  Truly resonated – Love and Peace.
  • thanks so much for s great consultation
  • Nice!
  • First time with Kerstin. Amazing lady x never felt so uplifted. Thank you so much x Sims
  • Sometimes you need someone to guide you along to make sense of it all. Thank you Kerstin for being that to help me dot the i’s and cross the t’s and give me insight into my future. :)
  • Just had an absolutely lovely consultation with Kerstin! A pure soul…could really sense her integrity and values regarding delivery … Thank you so much … lots of love xxx
  • Kerstin was the first … who made sense. She told me things my bf told me but I didn’t believe. I was so impressed …
  • Highly recommended! This was my first skype consultation with Kerstin. I’ve now got a much better idea of how to deal with my ex. Thank you! M.
  • I’ve had several ‘sessions’ now with Kerstin as I’ve been going through some major changes. She is phenomenal, truly. Her way of expressing the inexpressible gives me things to think over and digest, and brings profound understanding, at least to me. Highly recommended.
  • Kerstin is amazing. Accurate and insightful. Thanks.Very nice, genuine , and caring woman, but most of all, for me anyway very accurate. Definitely worth a go … Go Kerstin!!
  • You are extremely special gifted … You’re kind, empathic approach that is genuine & real natural. Really helped me let go of some things emotionally that is holding me back to truly trust what will be. You described the people in my life and their personalities with such accuracy. I thank you for your healing. Your words of wisdom and guidance for my future. Thank you so much, Kerstin. Lots of love xxx.
  • Deep and insightful … every time. Consistently blessed with this lady’s energy. Thank you Kerstin x M
  • It was great! This lady is very accurate and very right… Thank you for my insights – You’re so tuned in with me x
  • Had a brilliant consultation with this very intelligent lady who is very experienced in her field. She was able to tune into me so accurately and helped to clarify major changes and circumstances going on around me that gave me the reassurance and the validations i needed. Was a pleasure talking to you. Will update you in the future.
  • Very uplifting. And to hear that I won’t have time to worry about my love life dilemmas is music to my ears! Thanks Kerstin.
  • 4/1/16 absolutely amazing! Tuned in straight away. Very gifted … gave me in depth insight regarding a new man in my life. Enjoy! Much love and appreciation for sharing your gift with me, Cheryl xxxx
  • Excellent … Linked in to my circumstances…
    Explained in detail the situation… Why how when…
    Excellent, sincere and highly recommended… Thank you .. Love and light… S X
  • A really lovely lady, who really helped clarify some things for me. … It’s a good idea to ask another to look into things for you, for an objective perspective. Kerstin was very accurate, and I found talking to her very uplifting. Thank you Kerstin xxx Amanda
  • The guidance I received from Kerstin tonight was wonderful. Kerstin’s extraordinary depth of insight and style of guidance took it to a new level for me. On all dimensions of my being I found myself “resonating” with everything she said. What I now feel is a new found emotional and spiritual freedom and a sense of excited anticipation and openness at the prospect of the “new chapter” which is about to commence in my life. I feel so blessed to have been guided to Kerstin at such a pivotal time of my life. With many thanks.”- Marie
  • This lady’s insight is extremely helpful. Don’t hesitate to book if you need a bit of guidance in life. Thank you Kerstin!” – Amy B.
  • You have guided me along a path for quite some time now. When I go off course, you always help straighten me up and set me back on track! I look forward to more chats with you “- Steve NSW
  • I’m really happy with the result, all I can say is that I went in a bit of a mess and somehow now I am ok, and not even thinking much about my ex. It feels like everything I think about just takes me to a calm state. Pretty amazing, let me tell you! Thank you so much Kerstin!” – M.F.
  • So yesterday I went along to see kerstin as she’s now offering meditation and hypnosis, this time I wasn’t looking for any answers but just a little help with how anxious I feel about things sometimes. I feel unbelievable today and totally relaxed so thank you kerstin. Some people will think this is crazy but if you need a bit of help reaching your goals or even just quitting smoking etc check her out or send her an email. She’s really nice so I encourage you to drop her an email she can do video calls anywhere in the world.” – Miguel (The Nomad Barber)
  • Always insightful, useful and relevant. Her guided meditations are quite extraordinary – they build on what is occurring in your life and help you to focus on your desired outcomes. They lend you clarity and a sense of purpose. Going in with an open spirit and mind make it an even deeper experience that has the power to make considerable change to your life.” – AA
  • Kerstin has an inherent warmth that makes it very easy to ask any sorts of questions. She relates to people easily which makes her great at what she does. Kerstin challenges my thoughts in a positive way, and she has helped me in bringing about more positive changes into my life.” – MG
  • Kerstin is Awesome! People, you have to try her and experience the reality! … Kerstin gives me an understanding of situations that helps gives me an awareness so I can deal with them when they unfold. I really enjoy contacting her. I always feel more confident in my future and relaxed after a reading with Kerstin. She is always polite, has fun during the reading and is flexible to be considerate of my situations and welcomes my questions. She has regularly been able to advise me with clear explanations.  She is quick to answer your questions and is also quick to amazingly see situations that involve you. I haven’t had to wait while she assesses a question. She doesn’t repeat herself and go over the same things you have discussed. …. Thank you very much Kerstin for putting your abilities out there for people like me who greatly appreciate you. I look forward to my next session.”-Matt NSW
  • I just want to thank Kerstin for insight and discussion about why the world seems to kick us off kilter sometimes. Her thought provoking consultation and non-judgemental manner has made me re-visit my own ‘inner wisdom’ to look a little deeper for my own answers. I look forward to our next one.”- Dianne VIC
  • Thank you once again Kerstin for another mind relaxing self doubt ‘smashing’, insightful session with you. I appreciate your empathy, patience, courteous and professional manner mixed with your enjoyable sense of humour! – Steve
  • Kerstin is one talented and insightful woman. Straight to the point, spot on and gentle and sensitive. Thank you for shedding light on my challenging period with family.”- Elizabeth
  • I came to Kerstin not really knowing how to process a recent relationship breakup. I have to say I was sceptical … but the way she communicates the process, you will be put at ease. – BS
  • 5 years ago when I lived in Australia and was in a bit of a darker place, I was intrigued about what the future held for me. I went to see kerstin randomly at her house for a consultation to see what she’d have to say about my future. I didn’t get the answers to the wrong questions I was asking myself at that certain time and another further email session I was still confused. I didn’t think anything of it all until about 3 months ago when I went back and had a look at that email and remembered everything she told me that day. 5 years later every single goal has been hit and I’m on the path to my future goals with every single thing she said happening along the way, like everything, pretty mind blowing! – Miguel,
  • Kerstin was very helpful in helping me understand how meditation could be applied to help me manage situations such as work stress and troubles with sleeping. She distilled my concerns down to the key factors and tailored the meditation session to focus on these areas. One day later, I received a couple of short guided meditation recordings from her which have been very helpful to use at home considering I find it difficult to reach a meditative state on my own. I would certainly recommend a session with Kerstin. Even if you have some things on your mind but are not sure if she can assist, the visit will be beneficial.” – BD
  • I did a session with Kerstin for self-hypnosis, specifically for learning how to deal with stress better at work. The results have been brilliant! It now takes me about 5 minutes to put myself back into a relaxed mode. Such a great tool to have, thank you! Have passed on your info to several people at our firm” –
  • A few days ago I thought I’d treat myself for the New Year, and had an Orientation Session with Kerstin. I didn’t know what to ask but she guided me through different perspectives, which really helped.  I’ve come out of the session having strengthened my resolve and released my doubts about what I want to achieve this year, and even realising some things have to be let go emotionally to allow for moving forward. I came away with a promise that I’d have a recording to back up the session, which I did get. I’m really enjoying using it! Thanks Kerstin for helping me get a great start to the year, and I’ll book again if I get stuck! Blessings, Maria.” – Maria T
  • I’d like to thank you again Kirsten, for your very insightful reading. You picked up exactly what was going on in my life at the moment and you have given me confidence to carry on with things. I would definitely call you again for a reading. Julie x
  • I enjoyed the reading. Very deep and helped me understand the reasons for someone’s behaviour which made a lot of sense to me and brought me comfort. Thank you
  • Thank you xxx Michelle
  • Thank you Kerstin! Very accurate, detailed insights, highly recommended! E.
  • Amazing detail, great energy, in depth and very accurate x Bless you Kerstin, I appreciate the time you took answering my questions. Wonderful reader x



5 Replies to “Feedback”

  1. Received this lovely feedback from another practitioner, Lisa. Thank you so much! x

    DECEMBER 16, 2017

    Sync Within Skype one to one course

    I had purchased my sync within images 12 months ago but was not really using them until I had a one on one session with Kerstin. The session was Amazing and really inspired me to incorporate the cards into my tarot readings. I have been surprised at how the connect with people’s subconscious and create a link with what is happening in their lives and and a deeper dimension to the tarot spread. I feel this allows the client to feel more involved and the images are something the can easily relate to. Kerstin has a lovely warm teaching style and a wealth of information to share. I’m excited to expand my use of the cards as my personal connection with them develops and I work with the multiple layers they offer. I will be very interested in the future classes offered.

    Blessings Lisa S.E.A Self Empowerment

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  2. I work therapeutically with teenagers who have had some life experience of cancer within their immediate family. I have used Kerstin Fehn’s cards in group sessions with these young people I have found it very useful to use as picture cards to help the group members have some images that they can talk to and connect with. The size and range of images of this card set allow for a breadth of discussion and conversation. Thank you – Lara B.

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    1. Thanks so much Lara! I am thrilled that Sync Within Images is proving useful for your group sessions. This is the sort of bridge the deck was designed to be. And what a challenge for the teenagers to be faced with. I really appreciate you having taken time to post this. Thanks again, Kerstin


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