Sync Within Images


 My current (slightly biased) tool of choice (though I do use others too):



Sync Within Images are a tool for insight. A modern oracle.

Rather than artwork as such, Sync Within Images uses common images, patterns, and colour ideas. Meant to stimulate reflection through real things, or the structure behind beliefs and processes, the deck is a reminder that we can do that anywhere, anytime, even beyond the cards. Cards are however, an initial ice-breaker into making changes and are immediately at our fingertips. 

Through Sync Within Images we can project and can understand ourselves, our feelings, and our relationships with underlying processes. They are derived from scientific concepts, nature, and emotions, suitable for describing a situation in pictures, or for inspiration to meditate upon.

These are images for helping describe feelings that are hard to describe, even to yourself. If you’re really stuck for ideas, the cards even have names you can string together, and are a creative ice-breaker to help your clients/students (or yourself) get in touch with new ideas.

Sync Within Images a simply set of pictures you are free to interpret in your own way. The above may not work for you.