Sync Within Images card: “Veiled” … surrounded by Cyan/Water/Waveform. Recognition of emotions … slowly. In time. What’s the rush?    

Just an idea: Shuffle. Grab a card. Turn it face-up. Grab two other cards to frame the first, face-down. Let the colours guide you to what you focus on …     Sync Within Images card 38. Flanked by Silver on each side. Coming from light, towards light, perhaps. Where is the light in the […]

  Cards to help us recognise ourselves … The full-colour, rich, dewy, in-our-own-world bubble has burst open, and the petals, though still in a sphere, pierce the ‘real’ world, asking for more … But is the relationship spent, or is it just mature enough to withstand interacting openly with the rest of life? How many […]

Regarding the lack of people in Sync Within Images … As this is a deck developed primarily for development, feeling states, and archetypes, largely open for interpretation, I decided not to include people or faces (beyond 3 animals) as they could be a distraction and make the cards too definite. There are plenty of other peopled […]

As we do from time to time, I was just feeling a little down. Not for any particular reason. Just needed a little boost. I’m not the most prolific writer! So I was wanting to start sharing some more regular short and sweet posts on card draws for you anyway, so it was the perfect […]

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour.”  William Blake The real magick through card readings, is breakthrough ideas, confirmations, deeper thought. Through simplicity. Not as belief, but as considered inspiration perhaps. I was […]