Thank you for choosing to book with Kerstin!


Here’s how it works:


Step 1. Please ask for availability here before booking.

This is often the initial contact when we can decide whether this is the right service, and whether I am the right practitioner for you. My consultations are conveniently available via phone, skype, or whatsapp.

Step 2.  Upon mutual agreement of the booking (see above), here are the payment links. All prices are in AUD, and include GST:

15 mins:   $35
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30 mins:   $60
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45 mins:   $90
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60 mins:  $115
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Bonus: for all bookings you get pictures of the main cards during the session, together with a brief written description, for your records.

60 minutes bookings get a choice to receive one month of free inspiration/perspective  pics sent to their phone, app, or email.