In much the same way that music and film can envelop us, spur ideas, and ultimately leave us with new perspective, we can realise answers by contemplation through cards. The advantage, is that each card is like a moment …

Welcome. I provide guidance and coaching via card consultations for insight. I also provide guided imagery if we want to really put you in the picture.

The types of cards I use vary, and include: tarot, lenormand, sync within images, and more. A consultation gives us time to relax, and centre ourselves. Reflection through visual imagery cards let’s you gain something positive towards your life, career, and relationships by:


Increasing awareness

Creating or refining ideas

Working out new approaches

Working through options

Asking what’s the likelihood

Figuring out how to move forward

Finding out where your strengths lie

Finding the positive in negatives

Asking “what am I missing?”


“I’ve had several sessions now with Kerstin Fehn as I’ve been going through some major changes. She is phenomenal, truly. Her way of expressing the inexpressible gives me things to think over and digest, and brings profound understanding, at least to me.  Highly recommended.”

Let’s see what’s possible for you …


“Had a brilliant consultation with this very intelligent lady who is very experienced in her field. She was able to tune into me so accurately and helped to clarify major changes and circumstances going on around me that gave me the reassurance and the validations i needed. Was a pleasure talking to you. Will update you in the future. Karon”  More …


Services are via audio recordings, email, phone or skype. 

By law:

Card sessions are required to come under the category of ‘for entertainment purposes only’, and you must be 18+

Coaching sessions will be discussed before the session goes ahead.

ABN:  92 281 704 187


Email Consultation: 

Order anytime. Usual turnaround: 48 hrs or less.

For the seeker of the depth and breadth of a situation, or self:

  1200-1300 words, plus images, and affirmations

$80 AUD incl GST    PayPal/Card
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3 x Card Email: 

Order anytime. Usual turnaround: 24 hrs or less.

This is the one you want if you’d like something to think over! Includes images, ideas that I see in the images for you in relation to your query or just life in general, as well as questions to ask yourself. Great for when you feel you just need a little inspiration, or to get past a mental block. 

$40 AUD incl GST    PayPal/Card
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Audio Recorded or Interactive Phone/Skype Consultations: 

Step 1. Please ask for availability here before booking (Not necessary for audio, as these are similar to email in that I simply do them as soon as possible)

Step 2.  Consultations must be paid for before the session begins. (All readings)

15 mins:   $35 AUD incl GST    PayPal/Card
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30 mins:   $60 AUD incl GST    PayPal/Card
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45 mins:   $90 AUD incl GST    PayPal/Card
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60 mins:  $115 AUD incl GST    PayPal/Card
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Discounted packages are available upon request.

Thank you!