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Hi, I’m Kerstin.

After a hiatus over the past 6 months, I’ve decided this year that I miss conducting card readings too much and so have opened ‘Tarot with Kerstin’ for business, with a renewed focus.

Coaching is still available, but it is now alongside (or as an additional step to) a return to my primary love for sharing insight through images. And as far as openings go, I couldn’t be busier! Thank you everyone! 

I’ve been a reader since the ’90’s, and have always been interested in how people see, think, feel, and how we reflect via our internal and external environments. 

Readings are an artform.

Image cards provide mirrors through which we can sort through and expand on possibilities. That’s my passion!

I became aware of Tarot at 12-13 when I first saw pictures of them on the inner sleave of an album. I was instantly aware that these pictures contained a lot of ‘familiar’ information.

The whole idea that a person could recognise something they’d not personally seen before was intriguing to me to say the least. It made me aware that we unconsciously carry, tune into, use, change, and build on ideas we would find difficult to pinpoint, unless placed in front of us. Sometimes through our environment and other people, sometimes through the arts. We can facilitate insight.

And there’s a natural, spiritual beauty to it …

When as a client, you’re drawn to me …. you are probably at a crossroads. I aim to give you information you could use, reminders of what could be hidden from view, potentials.

Scenes … that you can consider, take what you need from, and embrace whatever feels right and moves you past stasis in your situation. At their simplest, readings allow you to focus on ideas you hadn’t thought of in a while, trying them on for size.

They can also elevate your awareness of yourself and environment, to see the big picture, from which you can create a new strategy to build the future you want.

For self-insight, try my free reading tool at: https://syncwithinimagesnow.wordpress.com/the-cards/

Kerstin’s been interviewed for TheVine, Good Health, Girlfriend, and Sydney City Weekly magazines, the latter feature being her professional breakthrough.

One of her favourite highlights so far was being lucky enough to be hired for a think tank session (as a fresh pair of ears and eyes in a room full of experts), getting to put away the cards, and approach the whiteboard instead (scary but awesome!)

She’s been featured on 2SM radio’s Morning Show with Grant Goldman. She’s also been interviewed for SBS.

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Associated Education:

Modern Hypnosis 2013, Life Coaching 2017,  Coaching with Cards 2017, eBusiness TAFE 2018, over 25 years of consultation experience.