Kerstin Fehn
Kerstin has always been interested in how people see, think, feel, and how we all reflect via our internal and external environments. She first bought tarot cards as a tool for the above at 18, and runes a year later. Professional readings was her career choice in 1994, though not full-time until 2003.


Kerstin offers insight via interactive card consultations, to help you gain something positive towards your life journey.
Whether that be:

  • creating or refining ideas for a book or project
  • working out new ways to approach relationships
  • working through study options
  • what’s the likelihood of something happening?
  • figuring out how to move forward with a stressful job situation
  • finding out where your strengths lie
  • finding the positive in a negative situation
  • daring to ask “what am I missing?”
  • testing out your creativity
  • figuring out how to approach the future

… “there’s countless ways card sessions can be useful and fun  … I’m finding new ones all the time”.

She also offers a coaching style of reading, meditation, and guided visualisation.


Kerstin’s been interviewed for TheVine, Good Health, Girlfriend, and Sydney City Weekly magazines, the latter being her breakthrough. She’s featured on 2SM radio’s Morning Show with Grant Goldman. She’s also been interviewed by renowned author and journalist Amal Awad for SBS

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Certificate in Life Coaching, Certificate in Modern Hypnosis, over 20 years of readings experience.