Born in Germany, growing up in Brisbane and Sydney, Kerstin was always interested in how people see, think and how we as reflect via our internal and external environments.

She first bought tarot cards as a tool for the above at 18, and runes a year later. Professional readings was her career choice in 1992, though not full-time until 2003.

In 2013 Kerstin began working on developing her own system of reading/coaching cards. And so Sync Within Images was born.

“I wanted people to be able to visually connect with their inner landscape, as simply as possible”.

Let’s work through the cards to help you gain something positive towards your life journey. Whether that be starting or refining ideas for a project, kicking around random ideas for you to choose from, working out new ways to approach relationships altogether, working through study options, figuring out how to move forward with a stressful job situation, finding out where your strengths lie and how to build up weak spots, finding the positive in a negative situation, finding your best method to relax, creating a theme for a book or project, daring to ask “what am I missing?”, testing out your creativity, or (and here’s the best one) getting in touch with your own subconscious needs by you choosing from the cards, upright.

And there’s countless other ways card sessions can help … I’m finding new ones all the time! This is an exciting field to be in …


Available services:

  • Card Consultations/Coaching. Sometimes we need to see things in a new light. My consultations are a kind of coaching session, using cards as a springboard. We firstly get creative or reflective, shuffle the cards, and focus on the story of what we see. We then sort out what you’d like to focus on directly and bring into your life, through your choice of cards. Please understand that these answers ultimately come through you in your responses to readings. I am just a conduit of expanding information, and the cards are a tool.
  • Guided Imagery/Meditation/Visualisation. Currently free, but only with hour bookings above. Simply allow awareness of this broad moment to come to centre, or step into a new perspective based on the cards you feel the most positive connection with at this time.

Kerstin’s been interviewed for TheVine, Good Health, Girlfriend, and Sydney City Weekly magazines, the latter being her breakthrough. She’s featured on 2SM radio’s Morning Show with Grant Goldman. She’s also been interviewed by renowned author and journalist Amal Awad for SBS

I care about people getting insight they didn’t have, however that happens. It can happen through art. It can happen through music. It can happen through a deck of cards. You can make time for reflection. It can be enormously rewarding, and fun!

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Certificate in Life Coaching, Certificate in Modern Hypnosis, 25 years of readings experience.