Born in Germany, growing up in Brisbane and Sydney, Kerstin was always interested in how people see, think and how we as humans reflect upon our environment.

“As a child, I remember being fascinated with how ordinary things can reflect internal feelings. A puddle on the ground reflecting a street light was extraordinarily beautiful to me, and I was frustrated at not yet having words to describe it. Holding a marble to a light, I would wonder at how the swirl of colour inside reminded me of dreams I’d had. I later realised that visual sensing and understanding were closely tied together, for me at least.”


She first bought tarot cards at 18, and runes a year later. Professional readings was her career choice in 1992, though not full-time until 2003.

In 2013 Kerstin began to move away from tarot and runes, working on developing a set of cards that hopefully reflected humanity’s inner and outer nature without arcane symbols. “I wanted people to be able to visually connect with their inner landscape as simply as possible, instead of readings being steeped in knowledge for just the few.”

And so Sync Within Images was born.


Kerstin’s been interviewed for TheVine, Good Health, Girlfriend, and Sydney City Weekly magazines, the latter being her breakthrough. She’s featured on 2SM radio’s Morning Show with Grant Goldman. She’s also been interviewed by renowned author and journalist Amal Awad for SBS

Available services:

  • Sync Within Images Readings. Sometimes we need to see things in a new light. This uses intuition and insight, using Sync Within Images cards by shuffling, making a storyboard, and seeing what connects. Trust this to highlight something interesting. What might be uncovered … ? Does it spur insight? Does it give you something to try out? A fresh perspective? Remind you of an idea? Does it seem to connect you to your worldview differently? Show a detail of your life, direction, or issue you can think about?
  • Sync Within Images Meditation. Simply allow awareness of this broad moment. (Free, though only available with readings bookings.)

I care about people getting insight they didn’t have, however that happens. It can happen through art. It can happen through music. It can happen through a deck of cards. Like meditation, you can make time for reflection. It can be enormously rewarding, and fun!

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Certificate in Life Coaching, Certificate in Modern Hypnosis, 25 years of readings experience.