The Journey …

Last year I visited my home town, for the first time since I was 5.

What struck me most, was how much of my background culture was in my card deck design, from a couple of years ago.

Without knowing consciously, elements were depicted by choosing images that resonated with me personally, as well as showing the archetypes deliberately (for others to identify when reading them too).  But I hadn’t realised quite how much the first bit was true.

What we see in a tarot or oracle deck, is what we carry and know deep down, but had forgotten consciously. It’s impossible to think of everything meaningful at once, of course, and that’s why a deck system is so powerful … it contains human experience recorded. Sorted into feelings, strengths, developmental level, and other categories.

I find, from experience, that far from superstition, psychic = the collective psyche. Coloured, whether we like it or not, with our own flavour.


Isn’t the human journey interesting?



Comments welcome ..

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