Client Story #02

Sync Within Images


A man who’d come to see me quite a few years back when I was doing tarot readings pretty much exclusively had booked in with me again, not too sure what he wanted this time. Just really general insight because he happened to be in Australia, and last time he’d really enjoyed the consultation.

Asking him if he was open to a different sort of reading this time, and with a nod in reply, I requested he sort the face-up cards (Sync Within Images) into ones he felt described his current situation, and ones that didn’t. He picked one with a bright white light bursting through a black background as his favourite. Favourite as in he felt drawn to it. It somehow described his life at that moment, he said. But he wasn’t sure how.

During the meditation/guided imagery that followed, in order for the client to gain understanding of why he picked the card, and using that card as a descriptive “springboard”, he said he could see himself standing outside a house. His house (stability, and what he is familiar with). And that the sky was dark with lots of stars (white light through black). I asked him what he felt like doing there and he responded that one of the stars, as he watched, was coming closer and that he felt like flying up to it to meet “him”. As he did, he said he could see it was his grandfather, in silhouette, coming closer. The client felt a warm emotional connection with his grandfather (tradition? trust?) and during this vision he said the older man was nodding and pointing to the star behind him. As he looked closer, he could see it was “a new business”. The stars in the distance represented other new businesses, and at that realisation (white light through black background), the client seemed really happy.

As he came out of this state, my client was beaming with a huge grin. “Now I know what to do” he said. Before now, he’d certainly already thought of the idea of starting a business that would have him traveling whilst filming (bright light through dark) what he was doing, but now he felt there was more to it. He could bring more than one permanent business location into being eventually, as well as film as he traveled.  He left saying he now felt confident in how much his idea could really expand …

The result was: The Nomad Barber

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