Reflections on ‘The Facination with Divination’

Many who follow me know I don’t base my readings on whether I’m psychic or not.

I don’t rule out that there is something extraordinary underlying this type of work, and indeed there’s been some shockingly accurate results without cards. However, I am very truthful in acknowledging that it could be chemical/biological/psychological and just plain logical on some level … and that it doesn’t happen on demand for me EVERY time someone books in (though it might for other readers!). However, readings still WORK, and so I need to focus on giving people a powerful reading experience EVERY time they pay hard-earned money in a way that works for us, always. (My spookiest visions tend to occur at odd times!)

The number one thing is insight.

For my style of reading, that happens through cards.

My cards (Sync Within Images), which are really a system of archetypes, colours, elements, and textures spoken through various artists’ works and photos, are just one method. Tarot is, of course, the best known (but probably my least favourite, truth be told). There’s also Lenormand, and Runes are another I love (having started my career with them). Lenormand, I am in love with as a system :)

I would have to say I’ve been having a love affair with Lenormand for the past 6 months or so, that doesn’t seem to be abating any time soon! Lenormand as a system (which is similar to my cards in at least one way i.e. words you can string together) has literally turned my career around. (Not my deck [yet], that’s too unknown). I really went through a dark Tarot burn-out a few years ago, but it’s amazing how a simple change of decks (I was a Thoth girl) can spin you around 180 degrees, and in the right direction … then onwards. I use them in not so much a fortune-telling way, but in a story-telling (does this spur any ideas or remind you of anything?) kind of way.

However, now it’s time to work with my own cards and improve the level of understanding available of the system … Therapists love them, because they’re not immediately recognisable as a divination card deck, and great for projective purposes.

When I did the interview for SBS (below) I was thankful to be asked, but a bit against the industry, to be honest. My deck evolved as a much-needed way (I thought) to help people see into the cards themselves. Honest reflection. This was a reaction to the fluff this industry can produce. The various pieces of paper one can “earn” in how to converse with specific angels, for a fee, and the like … things that I had issue with. I do now understand however, that people need permission to access deeper information and peace, and so I judge nothing these days.

[Edited: to add more meaningful bits, and cut out ramble :-P ]

Revisiting: SBS Magazine, 08 June 2016.

“A woman sits at a table covered in purple cloth, wearing a gypsy scarf on her head, and large hoop earrings. Before her is a large crystal ball and ageing tarot cards, creased and brown around the edges.

“This is the enduring, classic image of the ‘psychic/medium’….

“The popular belief that divination is ‘fortune telling’, the work of charlatans or simply tea parlour entertainment lingers despite the fact that we publicly embrace divination tools, and examine witchcraft in a new, modern light.

“But today, anyone can own an oracle deck and peer into the possibilities of their lives. And it’s not what you read but how you read that offers insight into your life …. “

(Article by Amal Awad)



2 Replies to “Reflections on ‘The Facination with Divination’”

  1. Great interview thanks for your honesty Kerstin, have to say I feel the same way a reading is about accessing insight and should involve the client in the process.

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    1. Thanks Lisa! It definitely should! For me though I’ve realised every kind of reading can be used to reflect, if people aren’t ready for the full deal yet, if they’re in a vulnerable transition phase. Even predictive readings only highlight possible futures, I find, but some people really want to reflect on what comes through afterwards, after the reading. Different ways of accessing insight for different clients, perhaps. And as the idea grows in time, of taking a different kind of reading, one more reflective, it’ll attract more people too … :)


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