Client Story #01

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Back in the days when I had just 18 very basic abstract cards, a client of mine picked the golden circle card, without any prompting from me, just from the face-up deck. He’d had issues with feeling a sense of belonging at work, doubted he was doing a good enough job to get a promotion, and had a skin rash from stress. Another card he picked was blue waves.

Consciously, like most people, he had no idea why he picked these two. Through guided imagery using these cards as a platform, he suddenly smiled. When I asked him what he saw, he said: ” I can see myself in a pool (blue waves) on a round smiley face blow-up pillow :) (golden circle), floating yet supported (blue waves), warm in the sun (golden circle). It’s an after-work party, and my colleagues are there too, not too far away. My hand is in the water, and I can feel them moving the water around as they’re swimming (blue waves). I like this because I feel calm and connected to them, without “a lot of talking”.

After this consultation, I asked him to meditate for 5 minutes a day and remember the feeling of being supported on the smiley pillow in the pool, as a symbolic (but personalised) trigger to quickly bring him back to that state of relaxed connection, whenever he felt stressed in the next few weeks, especially at work. He did, and next time he saw me, he said it had helped a lot. His colleagues seemed more connected and accepting (and he could tolerate them better!) and he’d gotten a promotion, saying he attributed that to being more relaxed too. His rash had also calmed down.

Simple cards of blue waves, and a golden circle … can become a personal, holistic language between parts of yourself.

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