But I Don’t Believe in Psychic Readings

Not believing in psychic readings is absolutely fine for having a reading (or no excuse for not having one perhaps :)

A reader may or may not be ‘psychic’. And what actually is psychic anyhow? Does that mean spiritual or using the deeper psyche or both, to you? I have insights that may or may not be psychic happen all the time, but I actually don’t call myself a psychic. I’m a reader. I am great at joining cards and getting insights from that. I know I do use awareness, access states of mind, draw upon archetypes, sense the almost-geometric connections underlying life … and then often there’s more, like the time I kept seeing my mother’s illness, warned about a client’s almost-murder,  and the house my father bought decades after the vision, and more … (all turned out to be true) but that could be accounted for in other ways perhaps? Is there an underlying layer to physics we’re not always aware of? I’ve nevertheless found the word ‘psychic’ (and specifically, psychic on demand) to be difficult to wear, and unnecessary to my internal worldview though sometimes it’s a label that’s an occupational necessity (although an ironic one) in order to be taken ‘seriously’.

Whether there is or isn’t a spiritual realm, how interesting it is to use more of what one already has within themselves is really the important thing, I think. And if it brings many finely-tuned insights then it is extremely useful, and that’s awesome. It brings a higher awareness of internal and environmental nature and physics and chemistry and art … and our place in the universe. It opens the view to more meaningful options. It doesn’t throw away awe or wonder along with superstition, it increases them. Increases delight in enjoying life. Depth. And I believe we as a whole species are beginning to develop that, not just the ‘accidents’ like me.

What develops that? Simply new experiences, new points of view. Which cards can provide a start to …

As one of my most successful business clients once said: “I hired you because you’re not a specialist in my field. Your skill as I see it is that you’re a fresh pair of eyes and ears, and good at expressing what you find, and that’s really valuable to me.”

There does not have to be a link between a reading and a spiritual system, just introspection, a fresh view, and maybe an open mind to the ability to perceive information at a finer or more complex scale than usual.

The cards help this process. I personally believe that a reader has natural skill in turning subliminal and subconscious information about the client and the world into focus, brought to interesting light via images, textures, colour, etc. I think that’s most often what the psychic ‘dimension’ actually is. Breadth  of space. Weather maps of life. And that’s quite useful, though maybe not supernatural. It can be predictive, projective …

Let’s define how to approach the future. What’s the next step?  Is what you want likely to occur? A reading can help you use your internal compass better.

Alternatively, is there even anywhere you need to “get to”? Perhaps a reading will help you simply choose to open your heart, and explore the richer meanings in your life, or creative alternatives …

… for objectivity or greater sense of spirit and soul, defined as value and connection.



Comments welcome ..

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