New Year Idea

 Happy New Year everyone!

It was bound to happen. I was going to draw three cards for 2017, wasn’t I? Here they are, all dressed up for New Year. With affirmations from the booklet, and borders, and all:


Read literally, and we have starting to feel we’re receiving. Or discovering a talent for scouting new ground.

Water and earth dominate these cards. Emotional balance and practicalities.

The first card is very green, and so is the last. Green is traditionally a colour of growth, heart-felt peace, and being in tune with surroundings (nature). The blue in the centre is strikingly and deeply different. But there is a central aqua green that ties all the cards together nevertheless. In the first, the jewel is singular, literally a gift symbolising something of perceived value, yet compact and polished. We’re either giving out and sharing what’s precious to us with someone special, or receiving, or both. What it represents is up to your imagination or spirit. It could be money, a gem, a baby, an idea, just plain effort, a thank you … and more.

The blue oceanic card in the middle is actual feeling in a physical way. Spreading your  arms out and drawing around you waves of deep understanding and resonance. Whatever you’ve been gifted with or gifted out was important and has impact. Looking at the card before it it seems that the feeling is cherishing. Waves in the first card, waves in the second card. Imagine you’re in a pool with someone and, without touching them directly, every sweeping movement is felt as a current by the other. This is the meaning of Feeling. We’re never alone. And we all effect each other, even without words or direct action.

From surface to depth to surface: by the third card on the right, we’re outside the situation and looking at what we’ve found. It’s as if we’re now out of the pool, on solid ground, and feeling refreshed as the water current picks up momentum without our direct stirring. The cards show gentle waves at left, to stirring waves with some effort at centre, to rushing rapids at right. It goes from effort, to a balance of effort/luck, to finding a new set of surroundings.

2016 was a bit of a deep end, for sure. I’m happy to have moved through, and can now sit for a moment on fresh earth. Take a breather on the river bank before following it’s flow …



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