No Faces …

Regarding the lack of people in Sync Within Images …

As this is a deck developed primarily for development, feeling states, and archetypes, largely open for interpretation, I decided not to include people or faces (beyond 3 animals) as they could be a distraction and make the cards too definite. There are plenty of other peopled decks in the world. I wanted this one to be different and felt this one could even work as backgrounds for other kinds of cards, like the “weather” of a reading.

Having said that, they definitely can have “personalities” themselves and so represent people (as can the animals). These are of course largely up to the sitter, but here are a few suggestions:

SW 565

The two blue cards are “Connections” (the web), and “Feeling”, and I often think of these two as representing not necessarily women, but often female or feminine traits. The silver card is “Focus” and the red/gold one is “Burning”, and these two often come through as masculine traits, or if in a woman, the animus. Now this is of course really stereotypical, but they’re perhaps useful examples of what you can do with layers of meaning.

Therefore if you want to use this card deck in readings, you can nominate specific cards as people, if that’s part of your strategy. Further, if you’re looking for reflection on a relationship in a therapeutic reading, you could even translate all the cards in this way, and get a really great reflection of the deep interactions going on … how you really feel … and how you perceive others in your life.

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