No Fear to Fly …

Travel 05

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.” 

William Blake

The real magick through card readings, is breakthrough ideas, confirmations, deeper thought. Through simplicity. Not as belief, but as considered inspiration perhaps.

I was stuck for blog posts. Grabbed my deck. “Travel”, Card 05. The following may seem a little jumbled, but that’s the nature of processing ideas coming to mind through a picture. We see “this” then “that”, then back to “this”. Then realise they are subjects that are not related, yet share a common stem. From this process, creativity can happen (though it didn’t today). What’s important is the conclusions we draw for today. Are we still on track with what we want? And that we’ve had a moment of rest and meditation …

What I see in this card today (though that may change tomorrow) is lifting higher. A group of like-minded individuals. Am I one of them? Well, I’m certainly reminded that I’ve needed recently to expand and find more individuals who are headed in the same direction, career-wise. And that I am beginning to find those who enjoy doing readings creatively as I do.

We’re coming out of the dark ages, as an industry. Maybe that’s the lifting higher, and Travel … though I’m also heading overseas in two months!

Rather than plan, this card suggests a feeling of letting myself be carried. And that’s a good reminder that I sometimes over-plan. My cards are two-fold. The first is to look at it as if it’s an illustration. A memory. Or a wish. The second is that we can analyse it in terms of archetypes and elements (just like the Tarot).

To that end, this card has Silver (light stars against the black space) which as an archetype is Air, hope, and individual consciousness of other people. So it reminds me of meeting new people. The birds … a flock … a group of close friends. Distinct from the background crowd. The space is purple (a mix of Red and Cyan) and so is a balanced mix of Fire (passionate goals and movement) and Water (connections and relationships, and time). In other words, things are moving along in good time i.e. participation feels like the right thing to do now.

There is also Gold lining the galaxy/cloud. Gold (in the Sync Within deck) is value and something we temporarily want to have or be. I see it as representing a new level, both in my work, and with family. I feel now suddenly that the birds are family, great friends, inclusive progress. The whole card is lighter in the middle, suggesting to me today that this is the right way to go. To travel, to expand my work through new groups, through which I’ll possibly meet new friends. My trip overseas will be with family, and to family.

In Europe.

This card suggests (in the booklet): “The time’s ripe for a new adventure. I’m prepared.”

What do you see? In such a simple (and therefore easily dismissed) image?


(c) Kerstin Fehn & Sync Within Images

Comments welcome ..

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