Sync Within Images as (Art) Therapy

Sync Within Images is my deck for ‘art therapy’, of sorts. I say of sorts because it’s not conventional art therapy, involving the client creating art, which is then read as a tool to self-discovery. My deck of card images is a mix of textures, colours, and shapes, all embedded in photos of nature, but read for the same purpose. Similar to Tattvas, of which there are different systems. Archetypes of human understanding, perhaps, rather than a belief system. More on that in another post.

I’m a great believer in art, imagery, the senses in fact, being catalysts for joining the dots for answers and insights however.

I remember once being troubled by a love affair. My way of not-dealing with it was to not speak with him but go for a ‘nice long walk’, ending up at an art gallery I loved. Strolling around, not-thinking about the relationship, I tried to enjoy what I was experiencing with my eyes. But it wasn’t until I was not-looking, and just kind of gazing over the arch of the smooth back of a white marble statue that something “clicked”. I suddenly understood what to do. How to handle my side of the relationship much better. Indecision vanished, right then and there. And it had nothing to do with the sculpture as subject per se.

But it had everything to do with the not-looking (by which I mean not searching for recognition in the face or body of the artwork, nor in the label attached to the glass) and something about the smoothness of the marble, and the whiteness, and the gentle arch. Not as if the statue was a reminder of sensuality itself even though this was about a relationship, but in a way that begged awareness of shape, colour, and texture themselves … as metaphor … which had become in this instance, a kind of bridge. That marble back was a bridge between two points about the relationship about which I’d been indecisive. In that moment I knew both points were true, how they connected, and how I could reconcile the whole thing …

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