Cards for Insight

Are you feeling stuck? Stressed out? Needing a fresh view? 

A reading with cards is a useful process for seeing the big picture, relationships, and also coaching to awareness creative ideas we have overlooked, forgotten, or maybe never encountered before. Laid out before us, cards can string together ideas. Doing this adds insight to your own decision-making ability by coming up against “what if?” situations.

This is the session you need if you’re stuck at ‘now’, or wanting to connect ideas quickly, rather than a longer coaching program, or your fortune told. I show you what’s possible, at this time. This is a mix of shuffling cards, finding interesting outcome possibilities, and  thinking them through.

Though I preserve my clients’ anonymity by default, I can say people of all paths come to me for fresh perspectives: from CEOs, to writers with idea blocks, artists, students, psychologists, surgeons, engineers, people in love … and more.


Welcome. Let’s explore answers.

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My sessions aim to broaden and deepen the view of the situation in question. Let’s begin …




  • You must 18+ to book.
  • For entertainment purposes only, as per law.
  • I use card decks as a reflective tool, not a belief system.
  • I put things into a fresh perspective for you to consider, rather than focus on spirit.
  • My fees are set, so you always know what you’ll pay in total. Available here.
  • I may refer clients to a professional therapist or other professional if warranted.
  • Direct questions about financial investments, property sales, legal matters, pregnancies, children, health, psychological states, or winning money will not be entered into. These outcomes can change with time and are not about perspective.
  • Having said all that, a reading can be a profoundly insightful experience!

Come with an open mind, and enjoy!