Sometimes …


… we need to see things in a new light.


In much the same way that music can envelop us, transport us, and ultimately leave us with new perspective by reflection, we can realise answers by contemplation through visual cards.


Welcome. I provide visual card consultations for insight with a coaching edge, plus guided imagery as a possible extension. To begin with, reflection through image cards let’s you gain something positive towards your life, career, and relationships via:


  • deep life questioning
  • learning new material
  • creating or refining ideas for a book or creative project
  • working out new ways to approach relationships
  • working through study options
  • asking what’s the likelihood of something happening
  • figuring out how to move forward with a stressful job situation
  • finding out where your strengths lie
  • finding the positive in a negative situation
  • asking “what am I missing?”
  • figuring out how to approach the future in general


“I’ve had several sessions now with Kerstin Fehn as I’ve been going through some major changes. She is phenomenal, truly. Her way of expressing the inexpressible gives me things to think over and digest, and brings profound understanding, at least to me.  Highly recommended.”


Let’s see what’s possible for you

Kerstin uses Sync Within Images



“Had a brilliant consultation with this very intelligent lady who is very experienced in her field. She was able to tune into me so accurately and helped to clarify major changes and circumstances going on around me that gave me the reassurance and the validations i needed. Was a pleasure talking to you. Will update you in the future. Karon”  More …

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