Cards for Insight …

Welcome. I use visual cards to help you see aspects of your life and choices from different perspectives.

Sync Within Images

If you’ve ever wanted a card reading, but didn’t quite trust the idea of psychic predictions, then try this.

My consultations are about self-reflection via images. They get to the heart of decisions and circumstances. They answer how things connect, what your options are, and how to approach the next step.

How do they do this?

Cards (whether sync within images, tarot, lenormand, runes, or any other oracle or even artwork) offer a range of archetypes, visual patterns, colours, symbols, and sometimes implied meanings that can reflect what is underlying everyday life for you at that moment. They reflect a story that might strike a chord of insight.

Insight is available to everyone, but we all have doubts sometimes. We all have blind spots. So it can be very useful to look at things from perspectives different from our own in order to gain clarity.

Based in Sydney, Australia. Available worldwide. Click for all services. One hour bookings get you a month of contemplation cards, picked daily.


“Kerstin has an inherent warmth that makes it very easy to ask questions …” – AM

“I work therapeutically with teenagers who have had some life experience of cancer within their immediate family. I have used Kerstin Fehn’s cards in group sessions with these young people I have found it very useful to use as picture cards to help the group members have some images that they can talk to and connect with. The size and range of images of this card set allow for a breadth of discussion and conversation. Thank you” – LB